Women Love the Smell of a Dirty Underwear, Captain Kale

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Controversial Classic 105 fan popularly known as Captain Kale has lashed out at men with more than five boxers.

Responding to Maina Kageni’s topic on a recent study that revealed 22% of men don’t change their underwears, Captain Kale said any man with more than 5 underwears should be summoned and fined.

This was after the host, Maina Kageni said he has more than 200 pairs of boxers.

According to Captain Kale, having many underpants is against the men rules and regulations.

” Any man who has more than 5 should be summoned and fined. That’s against the men rules and regulations. An si lazima kosher daily, unarudia for like 3 days. And do you know women love the smell of dirty underwear?”, he said.

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Posted by Classic 105 Kenya on Sunday, 11 October 2020

Maina introduced the topic when he quoted a recent study that showed that a fifth of men didn’t change their innerwear every day.

“A recent study shows that 22% of men don’t change their innerwear every day. Doctors have warned that that is a health risk. I have 200 myself. I think they are even more.”

On his part, King’ang’i  felt that it was OK for men not to have too many underwears in their closets.

“There is a reason it is called innerwear. You aren’t Superman,” he stated.


Some comments from Kenyans are below:

Real men have 3-4 underwear. Any more than that and you are a slay queen.

Me, I have 2 and I change them monthly.

The fourth one is a show-off. 

2 things men struggle with changing underwear, washing a sufuria for ugali.

I don’t want to say the number. We men don’t go above 2 underwear. I can wear innerwear for one month. Even two months.

I don’t wear underwear. I only do so when visiting ladies. 

Yes, you heard right. One month one underwear. 

Me, I only have two and they have holes in them. Until they change colour. 200 underwear? Kwani wewe ni mama?

Mwanaume ni underwear 3 zaidi. I have two at the moment. And one is Sunday best and the other to survive.

I have had two for the past 5 years. And it’s not that I don’t have money. That’s the way it should be.

Soldiers don’t change their underwear when in battle. We are not like women with their sanitary needs. Will you think of getting new boxers or getting money. I have 5 and I see that they are too many.

We are not like women. Two will suffice. A woman needs to have many she can change.

This is why you see them walking about and they are always scratching.

Atakama ni gangster points, hiyo imezidi. I have more than 60 boxers. I don’t like washing every day, so I have many.

Our caretaker has one boxer. It looks like a fishing net. And he has been told to go and buy new boxers.

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