Utarogwa, Zari Warns Diamond’s Mother of Hamisa

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In Summary,

  • Zari Hassan & Diamond’s mother Sandrah Kasimu who were once enemies are now great friends.
  • Zari has warned her Mother-In-Law to take care not to be bewitched by Hamisa Mobetto, Diamonds Ex-Wife.
  • Chunga Usirogwe, Zari subtly disses ham is as she cosies up to her mother-in-law.

Ugandan Socialite Zari Hassan has warned Diamond’s mother Sandrah Kasimu from Hamisa Mobetto’s ‘witchcraft’.

Zarinah went on the offensive and passive-aggressively attacked Hamisa while commenting on her daughter’s photo that was shared by Bi. Sandra Dangote (Mama Dangote).

She made a tongue-in-cheek dig that Diamond’s mother would get bewitched by Hamisa over her love for her granddaughter Princess Tiffah, Zari’s daughter.

” Umezidi, subiri urogwe”, reads Zari’s comment on the Tiffah’s photo posted by Diamond’s mum.

Zari’s diss on Hamisa Mobeto comes after Zari reconcile with her mother-in-law this year and as it looks the two have become close to joining forces against Ms Mobetto who is being hated most by Dangote family and has been accused in the past of using the services of a witch doctor to make the East African Bongo Music giant marry her and buy her a house of her own.

However, Zari’s comment attracted the wrath of Hamisa’s fans who called out her to stop linking Ms. Mobetto to witchcraft.

This forced her to defend herself saying she never mentioned anyone in her comment.

” Nyinyi ndo munahangaika. Kwani nimetaja Jina? Ama wachawi mnajijua…..come slow I didn’t call for you, ” Zari told them off.

On August 8th, Diamonds mother failed to acknowledged Daylan Hamisa’s Son as her grandchild by ignoring his birthday and chose to celebrate Tiffah’s that was on August 6th.

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