South Africa Deploys Military to Towns & Villages to Enforce Total Lockdown

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South African government has deployed its military units to urban & rural areas ahead of the three-weeks total lockdown starting Thursday midnight.

Heavily armed members of the South African National Defense Forces were on Tuesday spotted heading to various regions in the country.

The military, according to the government will be assisted by the South African Police Service.

This follows an announcement by the county’s head of state – President Cyril Ramaphosa on Monday after the Southern African Nation recorded the highest number of Confirmed Corona Virus (COVID-19) patients in Africa.

According to the Health Minister, Zweli Mkhize, South Africa as of Monday 23rd, March 2019 had more than 400 confirmed cases.

President Ramaphosa in what he termed as immediate, swift and extraordinary measures during a televised presser ordered the country to go into 21-days total shut down.

He defended the government decision saying if South Africa was not going to act, it will face human catastrophe in the history of humanity.

The lockdown came barely a week after the government declared Corona Virus pandemic a national disaster in South Africa whose citizens are immune-suppressed to HIV & Tuberculosis.

During the lockdown, SA citizens will only be allowed to leave their homes to buy food, medical supplies or when seeking medical attention.

Healthcare workers, emergency and security personnel are the only people allowed to move freely.

Large & small business enterprises will be closed with the exclusion of health care providers, pharmacies, supermarkets, and banks.

President Ramaphosa had earlier given an order to close down half of the country’s land ports, all schools and declared illegal public gatherings of more than a hundred people.

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