SARAH SEREM: The African Mother who has left her Children to the Wolves

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  • The rights & privileges of a diplomatic mission recognized internationally is to protect its citizens in a foreign country.
  • Kenyan students in China have been locked out of their apartments & Campus hostels following racial discrimination against Africans in the Asian country.
  • Chinese police are reportedly taking away their passports and other legal documents.

Kenyans living in China are crying out to the Kenyan government to help them get back home following an increase in racial profiling against Africans in China.

The Chinese government and its citizens are blaming Africans for the outbreak of novel coronavirus pandemic.

Business premises (restaurants and malls) have raised posters warning Africans to stay away living them nowhere to be food.

Kenyan Ambassador to China Sarah Sere. [PHOTO| Courtesy]

Kenyan Students living in Guangdong are the most affected Africans after Chinese Police ganged up together with landlords and evicted them from their apartments. Passports and other legal documents including school Identification cards were taken away.

Africans are being accused of being asymptomatic carriers of Coronavirus.

Even as Kenyans are being mistreated The Kenyan Embassy in Beijing is doing nothing to protect them from racism.

The stranded students claim their efforts to reach out to Ambassador Sarah Serem has bore no fruits.

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It is alleged she locked the embassy gates and does not pick their calls.

Videos and images of Africans sleeping in the streets has caused outraged among Africans worldwide.

In Kenya, netizens are demanding the government to facilitate and ensure all Kenyans in China are brought home.

Nigerian Ambassador to China is also making headlines after he confronted Chinese officials over the mistreatment of Nigerian Nationals.

In the video, the Diplomatic Agent can be seen talking to a Chinese Man saying the Nigerian government was not going to accept the harassment of its citizens by Chinese authorities.

The video has raised eyebrows among Kenyans many asking what the Kenyan ambassador was doing to protect Kenyans.

In early February in a touching message, Ambassador Sarah Serem said every breath she makes has a prayer for every Kenyan in China and that she sees them as her own children.

However, she has gone silent and left them at the time those she sees as her children need her the most. The person they look up to for protection has left them at the mercy of racial discrimination and mistreatment and inhuman Chinese Citizens who have ganged up with their government.

F. Wachira

Senior Digital Media Strategist

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