Resign and Go Home, Martha Karua Slams Uhuru Kenyatta Over DP Ruto’s Mistreatment

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In Summary,

  • Karua has rubbished calls by Kieleweke and ODM for DP Ruto to resign.
  • She advised President Uhuru Kenyatta to renew a proper working relationship with his deputy or to allow Kenyans elect new office-holders.
  • Karua slammed President Kenyatta for allegedly abandoning his deputy and throwing him out in the cold.

Narc Kenya Party leader Martha Karua has called on President Uhuru Kenyatta to resign over his Poor working relationship with his Deputy Dr. William Ruto.

Karua, who was speaking on Tuesday morning during Citizen TV’s Day Break show, said the Presidency as per the constitution consists of the President and Deputy President hence Uhuru and Ruto should vacate their offices if they are unable to work together.

She rubbished calls from ODM and Kieleweke for DP Ruto to resign from the government saying the mandates of Uhuru and his Deputy require them to work together for the good of the country even if they do not see each other eye-to-eye.

She added that the roles of President Uhuru Kenyatta and DP Ruto are intertwined and one cannot leave office while the other stays on.

“The occupier of the Office of President must be conscious, at all times, that his mandate is together with his deputy, and if he feels that they can no longer work together, the government can resign and we will elect another president with his deputy,” said Karua.

“They’re joined at the hip, calls for one to go and not the other I think is a skewed application of the law. For the duration of their term, they must suffer each other, it is possible to work with people you don’t ordinarily agree with because the office is not personal space; it’s a public space.” She added.

According to Karua, President Uhuru Kenyatta is setting a bad precedent for future Presidents and governors on how they will treat their deputies.

“My question to our president, with the greatest respect, is what precedent are you setting of how a president should treat a deputy? What examples are you giving to the governors on how to treat their deputies? We already had instances where some governors were using their power to oppress their deputies, are you now putting your stamp on such a practice?” Karua posed.

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