Raila might not be actually sick,This is a Political move.

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It’s now a couple of weeks since Raila Odinga travelled to Dubai, what we are told by the family that he went for “minor” surgery.

At first, Raila really looked very tired and sick. A video shared online showing Baba being interviewed by her daughter Winnie Odinga looked terrible, Raila was really undergoing something, he is not seen to be in good health.

However, connecting this to the past similar events provokes some thoughts. It’s not the first time Raila is doing the same when the political temperatures rise higher for baba he finds a way of getting out of the county to cool off the temperatures.

In 2017 after Raila losing to Uhuru he went out for three months, it was said that he was going for a lecture in one of the Universities in New York. Currently there no University operating due to the ongoing Pandemic.

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What if Rails is pulling the same? Baba might not be actually sick he is trying to make a political statement. Do you remember “Baba while you were away ” characterized by a very warm reception at JKIA? A similar thing might be cooking now that the President reopened the country.

Raila’s strategy might have been motivated by what is ongoing between him and Uhuru on the BBI report the marriage is undergoing some turbulence. He might be out of the country to restrategise, 2022 is a stone throw away and his competitor William Ruto has pulled a fast one, his eyes are on the title and seem unbeatable as at now.

Hon Junet and Joho’s visit was not an ordinary visit, they are up to something. Ours is to wait and see.

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