President Uhuru Kenyatta Deserves 3 More Years to Compensate His Last Term Affected by COVID-19 Pandemic, Maina Kamanda

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Nominated MP Maina Kamanda has said President Uhuru Kenyatta’s term should end in 2025 for him to complete the projects he has started.

According to the vocal Kieleweke MP, the President’s last term has been affected by politics and Corona Virus pandemic hindering service delivery and completion of government projects as per the timelines.

” Our President should stay in power until 2025 for his government to complete the projects under the Big 4 agenda”, he said.

Kamanda believes that 2022 early campaigns by a section of politicians have affected service delivery to the citizens.

He says adding more three years to Uhuru Kenyatta will not only teach those politicians a lesson but also ensures Kenyans benefits greatly from the Jubilee government.

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” We all know some of the leaders who immediately begun 2022 campaigns even before the first phase of the Big 4 agenda was rolled out.

The president needs 3 more years for him to teach them a lesson and also for Kenyans to enjoy the fruits of the Big 4 “, he added.

He stated that he will ensure the Uhuru’s legacy stays intact both in parliament and in the hearts of Kenyans by dealing with those undermining the efforts of the president.

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