Police Officer Busted Having $3x With COVID-19 Patients in Busia

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Police officers together with Public Health officials have disarmed and placed a police officer in Isolation after he was found making love with a COVID-19 patient at the ATC isolation center.

The prison constable, who is attached to Busia prison, is held for rape at the Agricultural Training Centre [ATC] where he was found inside the patient’s room at around 3 am after other patients raised alarm.

The officer whose name is yet to be identified reportedly chased all the women from the hostel & was left with the lady alone.

The said officer was among the security officers who were on duty guarding COVID-19 patients who are currently in the isolation center.

According to a police report filed at Busia Police Station by the health officers in the isolation center, the women who left their rooms attracted the two doctors who were on duty and after questioning them why they left their wards, the women narrated how the police officer ordered them out.

When the doctors entered the room, they found the officer having $3x with the patient.

This prompted the health officials to raise a security alarm.

He was disarmed and quarantined at the facility after the incident was reported.

Victor Okeiyo


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