OPINION: President Kenyatta’s Culture of Revisiting Will Haunt His Family in Future

In the year 1400 the architects of America wrote in an emblem that America shall be as a city upon a hill.

A prophecy that came to pass. America is a nation on earth that influences global issues, the folk magazine terms America as the world’s strong Economy. It is a city upon a hill.

No family in America has a ever been accused of stealing public resources. And if any, they are forced to resign and the public resources are repossessed by the state. There is no ‘big’ family In America.

When the architects of our nation drew a path that Kenya should take, they vowed to build a cohesive Kenya that is free of political conmanship, tribal & ethnic divisions and fair distribution of National resources.

Before independence, the late Jaramogi Odinga demanded for the unconditional release of our founding father Mzee Jomo Kenyatta saying that the country will not form a government before Kenyatta is released.

It was a solidarity of Africans in Kenya to free everyone in Kenya from bondages of European dominion and chains of racial discrimination as reported by Kenyan times.

Moments after independence there are alot of reported political betrayals, misuse of public resources, economic plunder and huge Theft.

Kenya after independence was not like America.

During President Uhuru Kenyatta’s Birthday, activist Bonface mwangi’s wrote an open letter to the head of state a letter that exposed how Uhuru’s father allegedly plundered with Kenyan resources, stole public Lands amounting to 500,000 acres and goes to depth on how he betrayed general Baimungi and assassinated him and other kenyans including Pio Pinto Gama who refurbished his home on anticipation of Jomo Kenyatta’s release.

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After the release of 2017 election which was rendered invalid by the Kenya’s chief justice who has since being quoted for saying “Sovereignty of a nation depends on strict adherence of Law, and above all, the Fear of God.”

Uhuru Kenyatta in Burma market remarkably said, “we shall forgive, but we shall not forget. And we shall Revisit!”.

What the people observed later was a judiciary which appeared to have been revisited.

Immediately after 2017 elections, almost all supreme Court judges had cases.

Moments after the president’s public remarks in Burma market, Judiciary had a cut on annual budgetry allocation.

Moments later after what appeared to be President’s proclamation, the chief justice is seen addressing press and expressing his frustration.

President Uhuru Kenyatta has said by the senior counsel “Has finally revisited judiciary.”

“The president is using a state machinery to oppress and fight the ODP,” Moses Kuria once said in a press or while ia pressor.

With the strong accusations laid above by kenyans, Kenyatta dynasty as branded by Political analyst Mutahi Ngunyi, might experience hard times to survive in future if the culture of revisiting will continue.

In his Facebook page, Ndindi Nyoro expresses his concerns on how few families acquired chunks of lands in Kenya after the government of Kenya repossessed the Ruai Land.

“The governments in future might find themselves investigating the wealth of the Kenyatta dynasty and others families with questionable land ownership,” Harman Manyora.

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