Nyeri Man Forced to ‘Spray’ Money On Pregnant Girlfriend for her to Push in Labor Room

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In Summary,

  • Mr. Mundia was summoned to the labor room by nurses after his wife demanded she sprays her with money to help her push harder.
  • He was at first reluctant until the nurses explained that the child’s life was at stake.

There was drama in one of the Labour rooms at the Nyeri County Referral Hospital after a pregnant woman demanded that her boyfriend showers her with money in order to deliver.

Ms. Carol Gatere was admitted to the hospital on Tuesday at 10 pm after going to labor.

On Wednesday morning around 5:15 am according to nurses, she demanded that her husband Mr. Alfred Mundia be brought into the labor room.

When Mr. Mundia arrived, Ms. Gatere begged him to shower her with money for her not to feel any pain while pushing.

He told her he had no money at the time for that urging her to focus on delivering the baby.

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He even promised to buy her a new car of own choice but she couldn’t take it.

It was until the nurses said the baby’s life was in danger that Mr. Mundia rushed out of the room to take money from his car and when he came back, he started showering his girlfriend with ksh 1000 notes as she delivered a baby girl.

According to Nancy Gathoni, one of the nurses, the incident at first looked awkward but in the end it was romantic.

” We were shocked to here her request and I thought it was awkward for her to ask such at a critical time. I now understand how important it is for every man to know what cheers their women”, She said.

The two lovebirds are set to have their wedding in February 2022.

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