North Korea Confirms 3 COVID-19 Cases at 9 AM, Reports 0 Cases Twenty Minutes Later

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  • In February, North Korea executed a top government official who went to a public bath when he was supposed to be in quarantine after returning from China.
  • It is the only country that shares borders with China that has not reported a single case of the novel Corona Virus.
  • The country has strictly closed it’s borders from the UN & Humanitarian observers.

North Korea has raised eyebrows after news that it allegedly confirmed 3 new cases of Coronavirus and 20 minutes later it recorded zero cases of the deadly virus in the country.

According to news doing rounds on social media platform, three cases were confirmed at Wednesday 9:00 AM but as at 9:20 AM, the country reported no cases of the virus.

Questions emerged as to what happens to patients who test positive for Covid-19.

North Korea has since maintained its position of zero cases even as at least 170 countries in the world struggle to fight the novel Corona Virus.

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People worldwide have been left wondering how North Korea remains the only Asian country that is geographically closest to China, the epicenter of the pandemic that has not reported a single case.

The country is governed by what the Western countries terms as the World’s most dangerous autocracy in the history of human civilization.

Apart from North Korea, Myanmar, Venezuela, and Cuba are other countries ruled by a dictatorship that has no reported cases of the novel Corona Virus.

On February 13th, a North Korean government officials were shot down for going to a public bath when he was supposed to quarantined himself.

According to a South Korean media, the official working with the Ministry of Trade was arrested and killed for risking the lives of North Korean citizens.

He was supposed to quarantine himself for 14 days after returning from China.

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