My Wife is Innocent & I Love Her No Matter What, Harriet’s Husband Speaks

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  • Mr. Scott accuses Kenyans of being jealous of his wife’s talent.
  • He says he loves her and nothing will come in between them.
  • Scott is planning to take legal action against the man who leaked the video and Kenyans who shared it.

Dr. David Scott, the husband to Harriet Scott who has made headlines in social media has come out to defend his wife saying she is a victim of her own world & space.

Speaking to The Daily Statesman when he was reached by our reporter to commend on the viral story, Dr. Scott said he knows her wife more than anyone else and he believes she’s being victimized for being the only liberated married woman.

” My lovely wife is a liberated woman. She knows to explore her own world and find the happiness she deserves, I love her for that, ” said Scott.

Scott’s family

He adds that Harriet has a right to have a free sexual life and him being her husband will stand to protect her from jealousy Kenyans.

Mr. Scott explained that he loves his wife so much and nothing will come between them.

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“I know Many people are jealousy about her talent and what she’s blessed with, ” he added.

Harriet Scott came to limelight a subject of social media after her videos with 3 men having ‘fun’ emerged.

In the video, the men can be seen switching turns on her while she begs for more.

On her part, Harriet has accused one of the men who filmed the orgy of attempting to blackmail her by asking sh 210, 000.

She also confessed that she enjoys watching the videos herself and that it doesn’t worry or shock her that it went viral.

Mr. Scott pointed out that he is contemplating whether to take legal action against the man who shared the videos.

” I will stand with even if it means going to court to fight for my wives privacy,” said Scott.

Harriet is a relationship coach while her husband is a lecturer currently based in the United States.

The two are happily married and blessed with beautiful children.

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