Murang’a Student Stabbed in the Head Over a Padlock, Admitted to KNH

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In Summary,

  • The victim is a form three student at Wahundura Secondary School in Murang’a county.
  • He was stabbed with a knife on the side of his head near the left ear during a fight with another student.
  • He has been referred to KNH after doctors suspected internal injuries to his head.

A Form 3 student at the Wahundura Secondary School in Murang’a has been admitted to the Kenyatta National Hospital after he was stabbed by another student.

According to a police report seen by The Daily Statesman, the altercation between the two students ensued on Sunday over a padlock leading to one of them- a 17-year-old- to whip out a knife and stabbed his colleague on the side of his head near the left ear.

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The victim was rushed to Kirian-ini Mission Hospital where he was treated and discharged on the same day.

The police report further says the student was discharged because he was in a ‘fair condition at the time’

However, two days later, when he went back to the hospital for a review, the doctors suspected that he may have suffered internal injuries on his head.

They were forced to refer him to the Kenyatta National Hospital for specialised treatment.

He is currently admitted to the KNH in a stable condition.

His attacker on the other hand is still at large, having fled from school shortly after the incident.

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