Meet MP Who Washes Cars as his Part-time Job

The race towards twenty twenty two is getting interesting as days pass by. Before President Uhuru Kenya did away with political campaigns as a way to curb spread of covid-19, politicians were busy moving across the country winning voters through manifestos especially the hustlers Nation.

After banning political rallies and with 2022 at arm’s length away, aspiring Politicians have adopted other ways of luring their supporters as in the case of Thika Town Mp.

Wainaina Jungle has been spotted washing cars at a local carwash in Thika town an act which has left Kenyans talking. Though a few view it as being humble as a leader most people condemned him for playing mind games citing that he knows that General Elections is around the corner.

This comes after Jungle was attacked by his Constituency residents in 2020 who accused him of holding early gubernatorial campaigns in Kiambu county while Thika Town Constituency residents were suffering.

According to early reports, the MP went around giving out sanitizers, face masks and hand washing stations in Kiambu county forgetting Thika residents.

Gitau Lucy

Lucy Gitau is a Communications Specialist & Blogger. She currently writes for The Daily Statesman.

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