LOTTO Winner Arrested for Dumping Garbage on Ex-Boss Compound in Kakamega

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A man from Elukaka village in Butsotso Kakamega County is in police custody after dumbing seven tons of garbage on his former employer’s property, only 3 days after he won sh 300,000 lottery.

54-year old Morris Mukhala, bought the seven tons of manure and asked for it to be dumped on his former boss’ property, pretending it was his residence.

On Tuesday afternoon, A truck filled with the garbage showed up in front of the house and began dumping their smelly cargo over the property’s lawn.

George Muchenya, Mr Morris’ former employer, who then had been having an afternoon nap was awakened by the sound of the truck on his property and rapidly called the police.

Unfortunately, it took the police more than 15 minutes to arrive on the site, and the garbage had already been dumped in the meantime.

Morris on his part was standing right across the fence and laughing when the police arrived, he rapidly came over to confess his responsibility and explain his motivations saying he will buy his freedom afterwards.

He said that he’d worked for the victim for 17 years and was treated like shit. He says he had to endure his mistreatment because he needed the money, but that now that he won sh 300 it was time for revenge.

He was arrested and placed in custody pending arraignment in court.

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