Inside the New Kenya Military Book launched by General Samson Mwathethe

The Outgoing Chief of Kenya Defense Forces, General Samson Mwathethe on Friday morning launched a new military book titled War for Peace Kenya’s Military in the African Mission in Somalia, 2012-2020.

The book takes a long view of the past, present, and future of the Kenyan troops in Africa’s trail-brazing response to violent extremism in the wider context of the rapidly changing geopolitical environment Somalia.

In the book, General Mwathete calls on the use of soft power to defeat Al-Shabaab in his last official act as Chief of Defence Forces.

It also captures and emphasizes the journey KDF being a military force undertook after it was placed under the command of the UN-sanctioned African Mission in Somalia (AMISOM).

Mwathethe says the book delves into the incomplete agendum of Amisom’s coming exit and what it means for Kenya.

“It is a worthy tribute to our soldiers who fought and even paid the ultimate price and an invaluable read for students, experts, and practitioners of military history and strategy,” he writes.

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The General also added that in the many years KDF has been fighting in the trenches at the warfront in Somalia, he learned that mastering the art of war is not enough but the Kenyan Military has to defend its integrity at an age when the Fact or the Truth, as we knew them, are no longer upheld as sacrosanct.

The book is organized in 12 chapters which include an epilogue as “the last word”, by the new CDF, General Robert Kibochi.

The chapters captures KDF’s history as a Military force for peace, Kenya, and Somalia ahead of the Operation Linda Nch, the history of terrorism from Al-Ittihad to Al-Shabaab, and the propaganda war in the horn of Africa.

War for Peace Kenya’s Military in the African Mission in Somalia, 2012-2020, has become the fourth major publication by Kenyan military in the recent past.

F. Wachira

Senior Digital Media Strategist

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