I Wasted My Time in Tanga Tanga, Cate Waruguru Speaks About her Support for DP Ruto

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Laikipia Women Rep Cate Waruguru on Saturday went guns blazing on DP Ruto’s camp saying it’s a platform for people who waste time dreaming.

Speaking at Solio village where she was delivering food packages to cushion residents from COVID-19 Pandemic, Waruguru said she wasted a lot of her time in Tanga Tanga supporting Deputy President Dr William Ruto only to later realize that the camp is full of dreams who fear being told the reality.

” I wasted my time and energy in Tanga Tanga but I am grateful I learned the reality that William Ruto has only 2 million votes which will never make him the President”, she said.

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The former vocal Ruto’s ally said she was sorry for being used to insult President Uhuru Kenyatta and undermine his efforts to unite the country.

” I am sorry that I allow my self to be used to fight and undermine our leader President Uhuru Kenyatta. I ask for your forgiveness.” Waruguru added.

She called on Laikipia youths to rally behind President Uhuru Kenyatta & ODM Leader Raila Odinga saying the two have the interest of the Kenyan young Generation in their hearts.

The woman MP dumped the Deputy President after meeting Opposition leader Raila Odinga.

She has however not disclosed her reason for ditching DP Ruto’s camp.

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