Husband Dumps Wife After Participating in Black-and-White Challenge in Kisii

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In Summary,

  • Mr Emonyo accused his wife of disobeying his orders not to post her photos on social media.
  • He threw her out to go live with the friends who had asked her to accept the Black & White challenge.
  • Neighbours say the man has always warned her not to speak with any of male tenants.

Drama ensued on Thursday morning at Lake View Estate in Kisii town as two couples engaged in a heated argument.

According to the tenants, the two exchanged words after the husband identified as Mr Emonyo accused his wife of disobeying his orders.

Emonyo had warned his wife not to post her pictures on social media saying that gave admirers an opportunity to achieve their evil agenda of getting her.

” We were woken up by the noises of their arguments this morning. The husband was ordering the wife to leave the house to be with her female friends, ” Mr Onsindi a neighbour told the Daily Statesman.

Mr Emonyo is said to be possessive of his wife that he does don’t allow her to speak with any male tenants in the estate.

” She once told her to stop talking to her because her husband does not like, ” another neighbour said.

Mrs Emonyo is said to have posted her photo on Facebook in the ongoing Black & White Women challenge that has seen social media ( Facebook and Instagram) feeds overran with black and white images of women.

The photos are posed and filtered all taken from flattering angles and accompanied by benign captions about “supporting women” and Hashtagged “Challenge accepted “.

The premise of this photo challenge which started in the US is that the photos promote female empowerment and that by nomination a friend to take part in the campaign is a way of women supporting each other.

According to Instagram statistics, more than 3 million black & white photos have so far been uploaded with the #Challenge Accepted hashtag.

Victor Okeiyo


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