How to Start an NGO in Kenya

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Registering a Non-Governmental Organization ( NGO) in Kenya is easy when you have all the requirements.

If you are looking for the process on how to start your own NGO, then you are in the right place.

Non-Governmental Organization is an institution that does not profit from the work it does in the society.

The receive findings from well-wishers, donors, and sometimes the government of the region they operate in.

There are three types of NGOs in Kenya namely, Local, National, and International.

To effectively manage and run an NGO, a person should have passion and entrepreneurial skills.

Another key factor is what you intend to do through the NGO. Choosing one ideal course and path is important because you can not help everyone.

Before you decide on whether you want to start a none governmental organization, ask your self the following questions

  • Are you passionate about starting a non-profit entity and do you have the necessary entrepreneurial skills to run it?
  • Are there other organizations both profit and none profit offering the services you wish to do? If they exist, can you survive and sustain your NGO in competing with them?
  • Do you have sources of funding for your NGO?

Is the NGO you are planning to start worth its existence?


In Kenya, The Non-Governmental Organizations Co-ordinations Board registers and regulates all NGOs.

The board is under the Ministry of Interior and Coordination of National Government.

Its duty is also to advise the government on the inputs and benefits of NGOs in the country.


1) Name Search

Your NGO must have a name and the first step is for you to visit Huduma center for a name search
at a fee of sh 1,000. This ensures that two or more NGOs are not registered under the same name.

After a successful name search, you will fill in a dorm 2 form to have the name of your proposed NGO reserved for two months.

2) Fill in two original form 3 forms

This will include all the details of your NGO, objectives and a
list its members.

3) Duly filled form 1 form

The form will contain the details of the contact person.

Sh 400 shillings fee is also paid in order to acquire forms 1 and 3 and without making the payment, the two forms are declined.

4) Two copies of the proposed NGO Constitution

Every NGO must have a constitution that will govern its operations. The copies must have three signatories of the proposed
officials and two board members.

If you need help on how to create the constitution, you can download a prototype from the NGO Bureau of Kenya.

5) A copy indicating a one-year budget.

6) Certificate of good conduct with all receipts and fingerprints.

Foreigners are required to present a police clearance from their country that is not less than 6 months old.

7) National Organizations must submit a fee of sh16, 000 and sh30,000 for international organization.

Al’so, any international NGO must have 1/3 Kenyan citizens as officials with three Kenyans as top officials.

Market Your NGO

After successfully registering your organization, the next step is marketing it.

First, Identify your niche by choosing a suitable category for your organization the formulate actionable strategies.

Secondly, build a website and then advertise it via social media platforms and word of mouth.

In your website, include and about that describes what the organization is, your goal, causes, and contacts.

Thirdly, Develop marketing materials which should include videos, posts, and brochures about your NGO.


The go, government of Kenya may deregister your NGO due to the following reasons

  1. Tax evasion
  2. International NGOs who employ foreigners who have invalid work Visas
  3. Failure to avail financial audit when demanded by the Non-Governmental Organizations Co-ordination Board
  4. When your NGO engages in Fraudulent activities including money laundering.
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