Government to Roll out 26000 Jobs Targeting Youths

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President Uhuru Kenyatta on Saturday said his government was going to create jobs for the Kenyan youths.

The President was speaking at State House during the presidential address.

According to the President, the exercise that will create at least 2600 jobs for the young Kenyans will be part of the Jubilee implementation program of its manifesto.

During campaigns, the Jubilee party had pledged to create one million new jobs for the youths.

President Uhuru Kenyatta during a presidential address on Saturday, 25 April 2020 at State House [ PHOTO | PSCU]

Vulnerable youths living in slums in Kenya’s big towns shall be given a priority in the recruitment.

Phase one of the recruitment the exercise will start on 29 April 2020, and about 4086 youths who did textile-related courses are expected to be absorbed to muscle up the government’s mass production of Personal Protective Equipments PPs for the fight against Corona Virus Disease( COVID-19).

The Presidents announcements come as a glimmer of hope to thousands of youths jobless Kenyan youths.

However, the social-political commentators are arguing that the government’s move is a strategy to coerce the ‘angry’ youth.

They warn that there is a seed of revolution building up among the unemployed youths who are graduating every year when the economy can’t absorb their skills and knowledge.


Kenyan artist King Kaka in his “Wajinga Nyinyi” a popular song criticizing Kenyan voters ignited a hot debate among the young generation who think the government has neglected them.

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The appointment of over age technocrats and political retirees by President Kenyatta to positions meant for the youths in the government has also attracted the anger of the jobless youths.

King Kaka’s song served as a reminder of what is happening in the neighboring country, Uganda.

Ugandan MP and artist Bobi Wine who is giving president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni sleepless nights rose to power by using his music to criticize the government and raising awareness among Ugandan youths calling on them to stand and fight for their rights.

According to Political scientist, the way Bobie Wine used music to ignite revolution in Uganda was the same way Kenyan artists led by King Kaka are doing.

This was seen as a reminder to president Kenyatta that unless he mobilized resources and stakeholders to sit and find a lasting solution facing the Kenyan youths, a revolution was imminent.

In what looked like a desperate move by the government, sh 100 Million was allocated to the music industry what the political bigwigs say the artists are being bought not to fuel criticism against the government.

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