‘Fake Sponsor’ who Lured Young College Girls to Lodgings, Robbed them, Arrested

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‘Fake sponsor’ who lured young college girls to lodgings, robbed them, arrested

Detectives attached to the Serious Crimes Unit on Saturday morning pounced on a suspect who is believed to be behind the rampant disappearance of young college girls from their homes.

The 21-year-old suspect Rashid Barasa Omari is accused of luring girls by approaching them whenever they comment on popular tours and travel adverts.

According to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations Rashid would pose as a rich and affluent businessman capable of sponsoring their lavish holidays.

“On the strength of such a profile, he preys and pounces on his victims after fishing them from the comments section appearing on tour and travel advertisements”. Reads part of DCI statement.

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The suspect would then lure the women to lodgings in Nairobi after sending them bus fare where he would proceed to rob them off their valuables befo,re disappearing.

Following his arrest on Saturday, Rashid led police to his house where all manners of suspect valuables which included laptops, mobile phones and handbags belonging to his victims were found.

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