DP Ruto Warms his way Into the Hearts of Kenyans in a Thriller Sermon

DP Ruto Warms His Way Into the Heart of Kenyans in a Thriller Sermon

Deputy President Dr. William Ruto on Sunday warmed his way into the hearts of Kenyans causing a stir on social media after turning himself to be a family priest.

The DP posted photos of his family worshiping at the Karen Chapel in the official residents of the Deputy President in Nairobi County.


In the photos, the family can bee seen sitting in adherence to the Ministry of Health’s guidelines to social distancing while the DP and his wife HE Rachel Ruto appear to have been leading the service at the altar.

” As we continue the fight against the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic, we pray for those who have lost their loved ones and commit to God those that are infected. We pray for our medical workers who are in the frontline in tackling the outbreak. We have faith that we will win this battle soon and our country will return to normalcy.” DP Ruto posted.

The DP and his wife are known to be a prayerful couple, always seeking divine interventions from God hence it was not new to many seeing them lead the service at the chapel they themselves pioneered.

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However, what touched many was the fact that they prayed together for the country as the second family at a time churches have been closed in the country over the COVID-19 pandemic.


The thriller sermon, to Kenyans, was a demonstration of hope and faith in God’s love by the Deputy President’s family to Christian faithfuls and Kenyans as the world struggles to fight the invisible enemy.

Earlier on Sunday, DP Ruto through his official Twitter handles quoted powerful, touchy, and Hope enhancing scriptures.

Kenyans subscribing to the Christian faith reacted saying the Deputy President was an evangelist in leadership.

In his career as a politician, William Ruto had never shied away to declare his Christian faith and what he has achieved through God.

He epitomizes biblical 72 disciplines who were tasked by Biblical Jesus to spread the gospel of God.

President Uhuru Kenyatta who at one time shared a lot of bromance with DP Ruto once said to the laughter of the audience, while introducing him, ”let me welcome my brother who’s a pastor to tell you a word.”

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At a time when the President appeared to have betrayed his Deputy, William Ruto has seems to have taken his battle to Go, whereas his Tanga Tanga faction of the ruling party has solely been relying on faith.

The faith has been a tool for politics from the time immemorial, From Muslim idealism which is in charge of the federal state to the Christian Catholic church which is controlling the USA.

The rise of Africa also gives credit to Rastafarianism which is a culture and religion. The Rastafarianism led to the emergence of PanAfricanismm which brought political independence.

Dr. Ruto appears to have perfected in thi, and believes solely on the creator of all universe who will according to him and his followers will deliver the presidency.
Kenya’s Dp Ruto is already taking an early lead.
The use of church and charisma of speaking about the gospel together with the ‘Hustler’ narrative is delivering him a lot of followers from all walks of life.

The use of church is Machiavellian.

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