DP Ruto Reveals Why He Will Not Take Covid-19 Vaccine

Deputy President Dr. William Ruto has revealed why he will not be taking Covid-19 vaccine even as elected leaders rushed to take the jab.

Speaking on Thursday morning during an interview with Radio Citizen, the deputy President talked about the ongoing vaccination against Covid-19 in the country.

Ruto brushed off the claims by a section of Kenyans that the leaders including him are fearing to lead by example and take the vaccine first to give the people confidence in having one.

The concerns raised by Kenyans came after leaders in other countries became the first to be vaccinated as a way of giving people the confidence to get the vaccine.

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In Kenya, only a few governors have been vaccinated.

The second in command revealed that the government is following a certain methodology in administering the vaccine, giving it to the front line workers who are highly exposed to it as he gave a detailed plan on how the government is planning to go about the process.

He is said it would unwise and selfish of him to get the virus first yet he’s not getting involved with the people more frequently and it was good to give a chance to those involved in providing essential services to have the Jab.

P Mutisya

Digital Journalist & PR Consultant 

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