Caleb Kositany should be Fired as the Party Deputy Secretary-General, Says Ngunjiri Wambugu.

On Monday Nyeri town MP Ngunjiri Wambugu held a press conference at his office to respond to the claims made by the Jubilee party Deputy Secretary-General and Soy legislator Hon Caleb Kositany.


He says that It’s quite obvious what Caleb is doing. Since TangaTanga’s attempts of a hostile take-over the Party were thwarted by the Party Leader, they now want to attack the Party and the Party Leader’s integrity, in another attempt to destroy the Party as we head to 2022.

The Jubilee Deputy Secretary General Caleb kositany claims that there is corruption at the jubilee party office the claim that Wambugu felt that it’s not genuine, Wambugu says that the soy lawmaker has been the party deputy secretary-general since the party started and raising the concern now that the party is corrupt after keeping silence for all that time does not sound genuine .

Wambugu says that what is happening now is as a result of the Dp Ruto allies realising that they are losing the grip of the part they felt they had

And when I say they, I mean the team that coalesces around them and the deputy party leader (Ruto). Now you will read and listen to them saying a lot of the times that they are going to destroy this party if they cannot have it,” Wambugu said.

Wambugu says that Caleb kositany and the Dp allies are trying to destroy the party , that they are not happy with the efforts by the President to reorganise the Jubilee party leadership in the Senate and the National Assembly which has seen Dp Ruto allies axed from crucial positions

“This is somebody who goes to the public to suggest that the party has been stealing public funds that has been entrusted to it. This is somebody who is breaking every cardinal rule of what it means to be a member of a party,” Wambugu said.

Wambugu says , when there’s is a problem with how money is used, there are proper channels to be followed rather that calling press conference right centre and left.

He says that claims made by the Deputy Secretary General are meant to portray the part as bad

“So the allegations made by the deputy secretary general must be understood to be an attack on the integrity of the party meant to portray the party in bad form so that the public can lose the attraction,” the Nyeri MP said.

He said Kositany and the allies wants to ensure Jubilee party is not a player in the 2022 succession politics. “But that will not happen,” Wambugu said.

Wambugu now wants the President to shift focus to the leadership of the party.He says that The party cannot afford to have somebody like Kositany representing it at any level.






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