BOM Teacher Auctions School Cattle, Pays Himself 7 Months Salary in Kakamega

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In Summary,

  • Mr Mbagaya, a BOM Business teacher decided to sell three bulls after a fall out with the school management.
  • He claims he has paid himself to the month of December 2020.
  • The teacher has thanked the school management and wished them well during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Philip Mbagaya a BOM Business teacher at Indangalasia Secondary School has sold Three bulls belonging to the school claiming he has paid himself up to the month of December 2020.

Mr Mbagaya says he arrived at the decision to auction the bulls owned by the school after his efforts to reach out to the school principal over unpaid dues went unanswered.

He said his family depends on him and since he is a BOM teacher, the COVID-19 pandemic has affected his income.

” I have not been paid since May. My family looks up to me but the management said I would not be paid until learning resumes”, he said.

Mbagaya said the Ministry of Education should work out a policy to ensure teachers under BOM are also paid now that schools will reopen in 2021.

According to the teacher, he had no option other than using the school’s assets to pay himself.

He reportedly sold each bull at a cost of Ksh 75,000.

Mbagaya thanked the school BOM for the chance to teach in the school and wished them well during this period of the Covid-19 pandemic.

” I have paid myself up to December and I am grateful to the Management for the opportunity they gave me in the school. I wish them well in this pandemic”, he added.

Victor Okeiyo


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