*728#: How Nigerian Hackers Dubbed Desperate Kenyans to Give Out Mpesa Details

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In Summary,

  • Kenyans on Social Media are posting how they dialed *728# and realized they had ksh 10,000.
  • The dial digits have been traced to notorious Nigeria cyber attacks.
  • The digits once dialed, gives out personal financial details including Mpesa.

Kenyan netizens have earned themselves the recent victims of Nigeria’s highly coordinated cyber attacks following millions of subscriptions to spyware platform *728#.

This happened after social media users in Kenya shared the dial digits *728# which gives feedback that the subscriber has a total of Ksh 10,000 in his account.

However, the users unknowingly grant the people behind the service access to their financial details and accounts that they access through their phones including mobile banking and Mpesa pins.

The platform according to Africa Anti-Spyware & Computer Fraud Detection, the platform is run by Nigerian hackers who have been associated with notorious cyber-attacks on Ghana and Cameroon banking systems.

The hackers reportedly attempted to deploy the same method in Cameron in January 2021 but the country’s telecommunications companies managed to warn their subscribers earlier.

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